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The museum of saddlery exists since 2005. It is in the heart of Austria, near Linz (Linz will be the Culture Capital of Europe 2009). It houses a small museum workshop of a saddlery, like it was traditional in this region 100 years ago.
The museum of saddlery wants to keep the tradition of the saddlery business as enclosing as possible and it wants to reveal it publicly.
A broad and unique specialised library of the saddlery business from 1790 until now can be used if you are interested. Several and unique books will be released as a CD-ROM in the course of time. A register of all media of the specialised library can be asked for.
Innovative forms of the stitching leather are aspired in cooperation with artists and people who work creative.
You are welcome to give us offers for the expansion of our specialised library and our museum objects.

Once a year there is an OPEN SADDLERY MEETING (see: AKTUELLES and ARCHIV).

If we may admit you to our databank of saddler and/or to contact you, please send us your name and address.

We will be glad to answer your requests and we are looking forward to a soon contact with you!

Josef Wieser